My Grandma's Makeup Story


This marcara is especially formulated for mature women. We all know that makeup is hard on our skin -- and mascara is hard on our eye-lashes. This one does the opposite!

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So we created a solution: An All Natural Mascara, with vitamins in it, which goes on smooth, creates a thick, velvety coat that won't run -- BUT also strengthens and nourishes the eye-lashes. This is the opposite of what conventional mascaras do. You know those growth serums that make your eye-lashes grow longer, become less sparse and thicker with time? This is what this is -- in the form of make-up!


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 Here is a story from one of our customers who became a believer:

 About a month ago I visited my grandma and noticed that something had changed in her appearance. I could not quite put my finger on it, but something subconscious made me a little bit worried about her. She just looked older than usual. Then it dawned on me: she stopped using her mascara!

I certainly was not going to hold back my opinion at that point.

“How come you quite wearing eye makeup? – I asked her. “You don’t look as beautiful without it as you do with” (😉)

Her answer was quite blunt and unexpected: “Almost all my lashes fell out”, she said. Every time I use mascara, I shed more and more eye lashes. And I can’t afford to have it happen at my age.

It’s no breaking news that mascara is hard on your eye lashes. And yes, with age our eyelashes get thinner and more sensitive, so of course the chemicals in the mascara affect them more.

But is was so sad for me to see my grandma look older like this. All her life she was very conscious of your appearance. She always has been so particular to have flawless coverage, perfectly separated eye-lashes, followed the latest trends in clothes… And now… “I can’t afford to have it happen at my age”. It was almost like she turned into a different person, and it really bothered me

But what if there was a solution? And there is: it’s PrimeLash mascara from PrimeCausemetics.

Take a look at one of the customer’s accounts of their hands-on (or, rather, “mascara-on” experiences(😉)



PrimeLash Mascara

“I’m 62. Not exaggerating when I say this is the absolute best mascara I have ever used. It makes my lashes longer, thicker and stronger. Finally someone has made mascara that covers my thin and sparse lashes!”
Sarah A., PrimeLash Mascara

World's first Mature Mascara! With its unique hypoallergenic formula, Prime Causemetics allows you to create the look you want while volumizing, lengthening and even strengthening your lashes, thanks to the vitamins it has. Cruelty-free and Vegan!

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Im 82, and I bought this mascara during covid when my 2 years straight of finding the mascara that will make my lashes longer and thicker could no longer end with success. My lashes were broken, short, sparse and trashed as well as I got eye damages from other brand mascaras. I decided to try PrimeLash as my good old friend suggested me. After first 2 coats I understood that it looks amazing. But I kept my self calm, because I wanted to see my eyes reaction. And now, with smile on my face, I can tell to everyone, that this is the best mascara for our age in the market. Works as promised and no damage to my lashes/eyes. Been using for a month already :))

I have copy-and-pasted this directly from the reviews. Can you believe this: a mascara that does not only make your already thing eye lashes look thick, dark and velvety – but does not cause further damage. Read this account closely: at first, she tried the mascara on the advice of a friend and thought it looks gorgeous. But she did not get excited (kept calm) because she wanted to wait and see how this mascara was going to affect her eyes long term, and if all the claims about it were true. And what was the verdict: no damage whatsoever after a month of continual use. This is the living proof, folks.

Try this amazing product today and become a believer as well.

PS. I bough it for my grandma’s birthday, and she became a believer. So did I. Now I know why they call it “Cause-metics”. I am literally on the band-wagon and signed up to promote it.

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